whskyntngfxtrt started on a whim; an experiment in personal growth and blogging. In the time this site has been up, it’s experienced great growth and running it has taught me tons of great lessons.

I feel that I’ve not given it my all, though.

So, here’s the deal: I’m not going to make any new posts for the rest of 2011. Instead, I will focus on the back-end. I will re-focus my time and energies and figure out exactly what needs to be done to make this blog the success I envision.

I will remain active on Twitter sharing progress, news, and interesting things I find in the interwebs. You can follow me @whskytngfxtrt.

I hope you’re just as excited about this as I am.
Thank you.

False Bay Writer’s Cabin 1 | whskytngfxtrt creative studio & design blog

The cabin is five hundred square feet and is a private writers retreat and guest cottage. Located on San Juan Island, Washington, the owners wanted the cabin to feel contacted to its setting, the climate, the wildlife and views. They also needed a structure that could be easily secured when not in use.
The cabin was designed as a glass house surrounded by three wooden slat decks that can be raised by a hydraulic system of wires, rope, pivoting sheaves and lead blocks, that serves as shutters. When open, the shutter decks are outdoor living spaces; when closed they secure the cabin. The fireplace rotates 180 degrees to be enjoyed indoors or out. An inverted roof with deep overhangs forces water to drain to the rear of the cabin.
The cabin is a single room with a small kitchenette and a bathroom. Finishes are restrained, punctuated only by a blackened steel inlay that bisects the floor from the fireplace to the slot window at the rear of the cabin.


Table Nº1 1 | whskytngfxtrt creative studio and design blog

Table Nº1 is Shanghai’s first gastro-bar that serves up tapas-style modern European cuisine. It is set in a sleek and simplistic interior which encourages social interaction by sharing portions over a long communal table. The brand identity is based on the restaurant’s focus on communal dining in a very simple and unpretentiousness environment, that explains the use of brown kraft paper & newsprint paper throughout the collateral system. Since the longish communal tables in the restaurant are the central theme, the business card is designed to be a little table when folded up. Basic folder with clips are used for the menu. The distressed and rusted look of the clips is to align with its history of the location of this former warehouse. We also created order pads from newsprint papers that the staff can convenient stamp the restaurant logo on.


So, 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry. Neat, huh? Simon C Page did a fantastic job with the promotional posters.

One of my favorite blogs, NubbyTwiglet, mentioned this amazing site for design inspiration. The images are great, but I’m in love with the sites navigation. (Hint: Use your arrow keys.)

I’ve lost countless late night hours on Tumblr. The Kitten Covers isn’t helping the situation at all.

Visual RSS, anyone?

This house is amazing- I fully intend on having a living space like this in the woods someday.

Freelance Switch offers up some great advice on how to handle an overflow of clients.

I love 99% by Behance- they always seem to have well written, inspiring articles. This one on finding your True Path to Flow Clarity is no exception.


“Minimalist web design relies on subtraction and the preservation of empty space.”

— Tokujin Yoshioka

We Love Noise

minimalist web design 2 | whskytngfxtrt creative studio & design blog


design workspace 10 | whskytngfxtrt creative studio & design blog


How to Set Goals for Success | whskytngfxtrt creative studio & design blog

I’m a firm believer in the idea that thoughts become things. It makes sense- set your intention to achieve your goal, focus your attention and energy on it, et voila! Before you know it you’re a billionaire living in Fiji.

Or something along those lines.